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Modern asceticism

Modern house designs are often based on rich asceticism, or a lot of items/furniture are removed for toe improvement of its overall functionality. New, more limited arrangements will make the interior seem more spacious, clean, and sometimes a little rough, but at least stylish and elegant. Modern homes are often large, and walls are not the main source of division between the interiors. It often happens that the living room is connected to the kitchen and the dining area, thus they are not separate rooms. Although this space gives us tremendous interpretive possibilities, modernity rather focuses on the functionality and minimalism in both furniture and accessories.

Such spaces are usually dominated by bright colours, but there are also strong colours that play a big part in modern apartments and houses, adding overall more energy and dynamism. Furthermore, everyday objects in modern houses and apartments are treated just as interesting patterns. This is what defines the term – maximum functionality.modern ascetic interior



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