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Two ways of having the fireplace at home

fireplaceCreating interiors with fireplaces is becoming increasingly popular design, mainly because the room instantly becomes much cosier. Besides, a good portion of people have installed furnaces in order to warm up the apartment/house. You can install them in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even on the terrace, which gives us a huge range of possibilities.

The easiest way to install it within an interior is to first of all buy the finished product, which includes a free-standing stove, also hiring a team who will install it in a location designated by us is also very useful. Its main advantages are: it is very light weight, has a low price, possesses a sealed combustion chamber, because of which the smoke from the fire does not overwhelm the house. There is availability in different colours and shapes, low operating costs, modern design and easy disassembly. In addition, this type of fireplaces make it possible to adjust the power and are more environmentally friendly.

If, however such a solution does not appeal to us, we can make our own fireplace, with our own design. When deciding to take such a task, we must obtain the chimney liner, materials for the exterior design e.g. ceramic or stone tiles, sandstone, wood or plasterboards with inside insulation. The products, which we intend to combine with our stoves/fireplaces must be non-flammable and resistant to high temperatures. Implementation and their usage costs are higher than the freestanding furnaces, so when you make the final choice you have to consider both of these aspects.

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