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The prices of  the wood stove inserts often vary, most of the time they will be ranging from £300 up to £1,000 or even more! It all depends on the shapes, sizes, fuel outputs and other components that may have a huge impact upon the standard of the wood stove, and thus the overall price. However the price may also depend upon the decorating of the stove, for example the cosmetic finished, the amount of doors etc.

All of this needs to be taken into consideration, and we cannot list the exact price lists here unfortunately… as they all range and differ from each other, depending on the supplier and manufacturer. One thing is clear, the cost of the wood stove inserts may vary highly even when considering small details, or in most cases even the types, such as wood burning stoves as compared to the electric stoves.

wood burning stoveWhen choosing a stove depending on it’s price, make sure it is reasonable in relation to what the stove is like. I recommend looking around first and then making an overall judgement, eventually purchasing the specific product. This is probably my biggest advice, and we highly suggest that you check that the stove will match all your expectations.

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